New Fortress Energy has recently announced the start of commercial operations of a vessel transporting LNG in specially designed ISO containers. The vessel has been equipped with NFE’s ISOFLEX system using a proprietary manifold and LNG cargo containment system under license to New Fortress by Argent Marine Management under Argent’s patents in the United States, Canada and Mexico. The manifold and cargo control system facilitates transloading LNG from a floating LNG terminal into multiple ISO containers on board the vessel. The filled ISO containers can then be offloaded at container ports and onto trucks for delivery to customers consuming locations.

The vessel is currently operating at NFE’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal in the port of Pichilingue, Baja California Sur, Mexico. NFE anticipates utilizing the manifold equipped vessel to supply LNG filled ISO containers to local hotels and industrial customers, as well as to CTG La Paz and CTG Baja California Sur power plants and NFE’s own gas-fired power plant in Baja California Sur (with a capacity of approximately 135 MW) that is anticipated to begin operations in 2021.

Argent Marine’s patented technology involves the use of a manifold and control system installed on board a marine vessel, under applicable IGC Code regulations, that interconnects multiple ISO containers allowing the filling of all containers on-board in one operation, from a land based or floating LNG source such as a liquefaction facility or LNG storage tank. The manifold also provides control of boil off in individual ISO containers while on board the vessel, facilitating long distance delivery. Once loaded, individual ISO containers can be transported by vessel to multiple ports and then offloaded onto trucks for further land-based distribution of small scale LNG fuel. The handling and transport system facilitates the distribution by vessel of small quantities of LNG to multiple consumption locations, minimizing otherwise extensive handling costs and thereby improving overall transportation economics for small scale LNG distribution.

NFE has indicated that the commercialization of the technology is a big achievement that will enable the company to deliver critical energy infrastructure and logistics solutions much more quickly and less expensively to locations where natural gas is not readily available.

Argent Marine has recently been awarded patent coverage in the European Union and is actively engaged in developing the technology for both licensing and use in the emerging LNG bunkering sector in the US and European markets, as well as in the expanding global small scale LNG sector. In addition to LNG, the technology is applicable to distribution and bunkering other alternative liquid fuels such as hydrogen, ammonia and methanol.

Source: Argent Marine