Photo: Gaz-System.


Poland’s natural gas transmission system operator, Gaz-System announced that the undersea stretch of the Norway-Poland gas pipeline has been connected to the Danish and Polish gas transmission infrastructure.

Gaz-System, together with its Danish partner, Energinet completed a key stage of assembly works on the Baltic gas pipeline as the last welds connecting the gas pipeline with the Danish transmission network and with the Polish transmission system were made, the Polish operator said in its statement.

The Baltic Pipe Project is a strategic gas infrastructure project, that will allow transporting gas from Norway to the Danish and Polish markets, as well as to end-users in neighbouring countries. The Baltic Pipe Project will also enable the supply of gas from Poland to the Danish market.

The project is being developed in collaboration between the Danish gas and electricity transmission system operator Energinet and the Polish gas transmission system operator Gaz-System.

The Baltic Sea offshore pipeline of 275 kilometres between Denmark and Poland provides bi-directional transmission of gas. The route goes through the Danish and Polish maritime areas and Swedish exclusive economic zone with the preferred landfalls in Faxe South Denmark and in Niechorze–Pogorzelica in Poland. The offshore pipeline is being built and operated by Gaz-System.

Today we can say that the Baltic Pipe offshore gas pipeline is technically an element of the national transmission system. Thanks to this investment, we have integrated the gas networks of Poland and Denmark, creating a new gas supply corridor to the region of Central and Eastern Europe,” said Tomasz Stępień, President of Gaz System, adding that the Baltic Pipe project will be operational according to schedule, that is on 1 October.

The project is an important milestone in Poland’s efforts to become fully independent from Russian gas. The Baltic Pipe will be capable of carrying 10 billion cubic metres (bcm) of gas a year to Poland and 3 bcm from Poland to Denmark.