Photo: CNG Fuels staff

UK biomethane supplier CNG Fuels opened a heavy goods vehicle (HGV) biomethane refuelling station near Glasbiomegow, Scotland.

The station — Scotland’s first — is capable of refuelling 450 HGVs per day and will cut 70,000t of CO2 emissions annually, CNG said. The biomethane supplied is from waste feedstocks, approved under the UK’s Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation, and generates renewable transport fuel certificates (RTFCs). CNG plans to offer carbon neutral biomethane later this year — derived from manure.

The station will serve Scotland’s busiest transport route, as well as several brands already using biomethane across their fleets, such as UK retailer Waitrose and courier firm Hermes.

The UK pledged during the UN Cop 26 climate summit in November that all new HGVs in the UK would be zero-emissions by 2040. The sector is harder to decarbonise than for cars or vans, and biogas is a key contender. Demand for biomethane has increased ten-fold in the past five years, CNG said.

French agro-industrial business Groupe Avril committed earlier this month to accelerate the decarbonisation of its heavy transport network. It plans to run all of its chartered truck fleets on 100pc renewable fuel Oleo100 — produced from rapeseed oil — by 2025.

CNG will also host hydrogen fuels trials across its network from mid-2022. It operates seven UK biomethane refuelling stations, with plans to open up to 14 more by 2023.