Photo: IVECO

Source: IVECO

Edison and IVECO announce they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to speed up the development of sustainable gas mobility and promote further the use of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in the road transport sector in Italy. The agreement is based on the recognition of the fundamental role that G-Mobility (LNG and CNG mobility) plays in the process of de-carbonising Italy and draws on the unique position that the two companies hold in the energy transition challenge: Edison as an operator vertically integrated along the entire LNG value chain and committed to green gas, and IVECO as a leading producer of natural gas commercial vehicles.

Last October we completed the first integrated LNG logistics chain in Italy to support sustainable mobility, this was thanks to a small-scale coastal deposit coming into operation in Ravenna, and an LNG carrier ship dedicated to the supply. Today we are taking a further step in the strategic path of decarbonisation of transport, in view of the European and Italian climate targets. By joining forces and working together with an important group like IVECO, both in Italy and internationally, we will be able to speed up the conversion of fleets and the energy transition process,” stated Nicola Monti, Edison CEO.

“Natural gas mobility holds a big stake of our present and our future. It is an initial, yet important step towards the decarbonization of the transport sector, and our pioneering efforts in this field have paid off: we now lead the market, with 55% of market share in Europe for LNG trucks. The collaboration between IVECO and Edison will give an additional boost to sustainable mobility, which will be reinforced by the gradual introduction of biomethane in the project’s development plan. IVECO already offers near CO2-neutral heavy-duty truck technology when the powertrain is running on renewable bio-methane: this further demonstrates our genuine commitment and clear roadmap to face the urgent calls to action by the climate change debate,” added Gerrit Marx, designated CEO, Iveco Group.

The collaboration between Edison and IVECO will also aim to identify business models capable of offering tailor-made solutions for G-mobility that favour the conversion of fleets to LNG through a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO, i.e. the total cost of managing the vehicle, including purchase, maintenance and fuel) that is competitive compared to traditional fuels and contributes to the gradual introduction of biomethane and bioLNG towards a circular economy and decarbonisation.

Edison is Italy’s first LNG importer and in October 2021 the company started the first small-scale integrated LNG logistics chain dedicated to transport, with the start of operation of its coastal deposit in Ravenna. Today the company provides LNG, CNG and biomethane across Italy to around 300 filling stations, 45 of which are owned by Edison, for an increasingly environmentally-friendly mobility.

IVECO has pioneered natural gas technologies for more than 20 years and is leading the transition to this sustainable fuel in the transport sector. IVECO is the European market leader with 45,000 natural gas vehicles sold. It is the first manufacturer to offer natural gas-powered heavy-duty vehicles specifically designed for international long-haul missions. The IVECO S-WAY has an exceptional range of 1,600 km in the LNG version, offering a truly sustainable and profitable solution with best-in-class Total Cost of Ownership.