Photo: LNG Crotia.


The FSRU LNG Croatia has received its 16th LNG cargo when LNG tanker Cool Explorer brought it from Egypt.

On 10 November 2021, LNG carrier Cool Explorer arrived at the terminal at the island of Krk. After safety checks and testing, the cargo transfer operation from the ship to the FSRU vessel LNG Croatia had started.

The procedure lasted until the afternoon of 12 November 2021.

Platts reports the tanker left Shell’s LNG export facility at Idku on 7 November. It also said that Egyptian LNG deliveries have picked up so far in the fourth quarter after a drop in exports during the summer.

This marks the 16th imported LNG cargo in total from the start of operation of the terminal.

The LNG Croatia terminal began operating commercially at the start of this year. It has the capacity to send up to 2.6 billion cubic metres per year of natural gas into the national grid.

However, its full storage capacity is booked for the next three years, with 84 per cent booked until 2027.