Beregovaya compressor station, starting point of Blue Stream. Photo: Gazprom Export.

Source: Gazprom Export press release

In 2021, supplies via the Blue Stream gas pipeline from Russia to Turkey reached a historic record.

Last year, Gazprom supplied 15.98 bcm via Blue Stream. It is the best annual result since the start of its operation in 2003.

The growth in supplies through the pipeline coincided with a record gas consumption in Turkey. According to preliminary data, in 2021 it amounted to around 61 bcm.

‘For Gazprom, Blue Stream was the first offshore gas pipeline directly connecting us with a large export market. Almost two decades later, we see that this approach was fully right. The record results of Blue Stream make us optimistic and prove the right focus on direct deliveries to our customers via offshore gas pipelines, ’ said Elena Burmistrova, Deputy Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee and Director General of Gazprom Export.

The Blue Stream pipeline is designed to deliver Russian natural gas to Turkey across the Black Sea bypassing third countries.

Its total length amounts to 1,213 kilometers. The pipeline was commissioned in December 2002. Commercial gas supplies started in February 2003. Italian Eni acted as Gazprom’s key partner in the Blue Stream construction.