Picture: Gasnam.

Source: Gasnam.

In Europe, the number of biomethane plants has grown by 17% in just one year, reaching a total of 992 plants, of which 306 belong to France and 242 to Germany, according to figures from the European Biogas Association (EBA). Despite Spain’s obvious delay compared to European countries, there is a clear commitment by companies to the development of this green energy.

To clarify this data, GASNAM created its own application on its website that allows knowing the location of the operating biomethane plants in the Iberian Peninsula and the projects that will start up before 2024. This tool offers updated data allowing the user to know the main features of these projects, such as capacity, the type of waste with which biomethane is produced, execution times and whether it is planned to inject biomethane into the gas network.

According to the information available on the GASNAM website, before the end of 2022, there will be 12 biomethane plants in operation in Spain and another 30 will be under development. Moreover, the forecasts for 2024 show 64 biomethane plants in operation, which will generate a total capacity of 2,077 GWh/year compared to the current 162 GWh/year.

Although the projection is good, it should be remembered that the production forecast for 2024, if all these projects come to fruition, would be only half of the current production of France (where 4,000 GWh/year are produced now, compared to 2,077 Gwh/year that Spain will produce in 2024).

In this sense, GASNAM urgently asks the Government for a regulatory framework that allows the creation of its own biomethane market in the country, without the need to market this green energy outside its borders. Until now, the Government has only proposed a roadmap for this technology, but to date the final version has not been published. The sector also expects the imminent implementation of a system of renewable energy guarantees of origin.

“In July of last year, GASNAM celebrated that the Biogas Roadmap draft recognized that biomethane is a mature and beneficial opportunity for the decarbonization of heavy road and marine transport. However, we regret that six months later this roadmap has not yet seen the light and we ask the Spanish authorities to approve without further delay the system of renewable gas guarantees of origin that allows its development,” said Eugenia Sillero, General Secretary of GASNAM.