Photo: GasNet.

Natural gas distributor GasNet has launched two new LNG fueling stations for trucks in the Czech Republic, boosting the total to three such facilities.

GasNet joined forces with Italy’s Tecnogas last year to build the first fixed LNG station for trucks in Kosmonosy, close to Prague.

Now the firm has opened this fixed station in Mlada Boleslav, according to a statement by GasNet released this week.

Besides this fixed station, the firm also opened another mobile station in Nyrany, Pilsen.

GasNet says there are currently 106 registered LNG-powered trucks in the Czech Republic and four public filling stations.

The firm operates three of them, including its station in Klecany, but it has plans to open “several more later this year,” it said.

According to GasNet, the Czech Republic should have at least 30 LNG fueling stations for trucks by 2030.

GasNet is the largest gas operator in the Czech Republic. It operates almost 65,000 km of pipelines, according to its website.

A consortium led by Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets (MIRA) owns GasNet.

In addition, the two other partners include the British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (BCI) and Allianz Capital Partners.


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