Gazprom Export 2021 result

In January-July, 2021, Gazprom’s gas exports to the Far Abroad countries reached 115.3 bcm. The increase year-on-year is 23.2%, or 21.7 bcm. Gazprom’s deliveries are still near the historical record of 2018 (117.1 bcm within seven months).

In particular, the company boosted its supplies to Turkey (by 203.9%), Germany (by 42.2%), Italy (by 16.2%), Romania (by 318.3%), Poland (by 14.6%), Serbia (by 118.1%), Bulgaria (by 47%), France (by 6%), and Greece (by 18.8%). The exports to China through the Power of Siberia pipeline also continue growing.

According to preliminary data, in January-July, Gazprom’s gas production reached 298.2 bcm. This is by 18.4%, or by 46.4 bcm, more than in January-July 2020.

Source: Gazprom Export (photo: Gazprom)