Picture: Gazprom.

By Annie Cook

Gazprom’s board is in talks with the St. Petersburg authorities regarding the construction of a third skyscraper, Gazprom said in a press release.

“In order to further develop the public and business space around the Lachta Centre, the concept of a third skyscraper has been presented. With its arrival, a harmonious architectural ensemble of three modern skyscrapers will be built on the coast of the Gulf of Finland.”

The third tower is to be 555 metres high, with 107 storeys for a total volume of 179,000 m3. The highest level will be at a height of 453 metres and will feature a viewing gallery.

The company emphasises that the architectural composition of the new building was created in line with the principle of the golden division. The shape of the tower is an ‘exponential logarithmic spiral’. The building will have two wings that intertwine around enclosed, transparent aquariums.

“As the wings of the tower twist upwards, they converge at pivot points and connect to form foyers. Each such foyer divides the tower into seven groups. Climbing up the tower, the halls gradually approach each other, and the height of each lower group is equal to the sum of the two groups above according to the golden rule,” Gazprom said in an announcement. “This solution allows the majority of public spaces to be located at higher viewing levels.”

Gazprom has already built the first of three planned towers. The Lachta Centre is located in the Primorsky district, the building houses the company’s headquarters. The height of the tower is 462m, the total area of the complex is 570,000 m2. Construction began in 2012, and in October 2018 the skyscraper received permission to be put into service.

From the beginning, thousands of St. Petersburg residents protested against the construction. In their opinion, such skyscrapers disfigure the unique landscape of the city on the river Neva, posing a threat to the environment and people, while also being an example of state-sponsored waste of money earned through exploitation of natural resources.

Both the city authorities and the corporation itself have completely ignored the opinions of the people in Petersburg.