Due to limited production, Europe has long been dependent on natural gas imports from other countries, with the largest volumes of EU gas traditionally flowing from Russia. / gasnews.eu

Gazprom has just reported that in the first eight months of the year, exports of “blue fuel” to non-CIS countries increased by 21.5%. It is thus approaching the record levels seen in 2018.

“The corporation has increased exports to non-CIS countries to 123 bcm,” Gazprom said in a statement. For comparison, in the record-breaking year 2018, the volume of deliveries in the same period (January 1-August 15) amounted to 125 bcm. It is noteworthy that the reported year-on-year increase (21.5%) is equivalent to about 21.8 bcm of gas – the amount that flows annually to Italy, one of Russia’s key customers in Europe.

Export growth was particularly recorded for the following countries: Romania (+332.4%), Turkey (+188.5%), Serbia (+121.5%), Bulgaria (+ 48.9%), Germany (+41.5%), Finland (+27.9%), Greece (+17.5%), Italy (+15.9%) and Poland (+13.8%). The company says that in the case of Poland and Germany, volumes received so far in 2021 are higher not only than those in 2020, but also in 2019.

The Russians point out that deliveries to China, using the Siberian Power pipeline, are also increasing, as they exceeded 10 bcm in August.

There was also an increase in production during the reported period. “According to preliminary data, for seven and a half months of 2021, Gazprom produced 316.5 bcm. This is 18.1% (48.6 bcm) more than last year,” the Russian company reported.

By Martin Chomsky.