Photo: Alternoil.

Germany’s Alternoil said its network of LNG refueling stations in the country continues to grow with the recent opening of three new stations.

According to a statement last week, the gas stations operator launched three LNG refueling stations near Dresden, Leipzig, and Greding.

Alternoil said its network of about 35 filling stations in Germany offers LNG refueling and it plans to increase the number by the end of 2022.

The firm estimates its network will have over 60 stations in the country at the end of the year.

NGVA Europe’s recent report showed LNG fueling network has doubled its size in less than two years.

Germany was among the European countries with the highest amount of LNG stations for trucks, with 108 stations.

With a plus of 140 percent within only one year, Germany was among the top gainers, coming from 45 stations in February 2021, NGVA Europe said in its report.


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