Photo: HAM Group.

Source: HAM Group press release

HAM Group delivers to UTE Elche its new CNG service station, which has been designed, built and commissioned by company HAM Criogénica.

Its new Compressed Natural Gas service station is located in parque de maquinaria de la Partida de Vallongas, polygon 1, number 45. It has a vertical tank of 60 m3 and 2 double CNG dispensers that will allow refueling a fleet of 75 new cleaning vehicles of the containers, rubble collection and pruning; and large truck-mounted sweepers and large tanker vehicles.

The project has been possible thanks to the commitment of the Elche City Council and UTE Elche, the company awarded the new cleaning service, for Compressed Natural Gas, which will reduce costs, noise and enjoy an eco-friendly fuel, which reduces CO2 emissions, nitrous oxides and fine particles.

HAM Criogénica, the company in charge of developing the project for the new compressed natural gas service station of UTE Elche, is a leader in the engineering sector, with extensive experience in the field of CNG – LNG and with more than 350 projects carried out in around the world, designing and building facilities for all types of industries and the naval sector, in the public and private sectors.

HAM Group works and innovates, in direct contact with the customers to offer them the best products and services related to natural gas, which the company adapted to their real energy needs.

Leader in the sector, HAM Group have a network of CNG-LNG service stations with more than 90 service stations. The company has designed and built 25% of the LNG service stations that currently exist in Europe, which can be enjoyed in Belgium, the Republic Czech, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland and UK.