Photo: HAM Group

By Annie Cook

HAM Group has launched in Valdemoro, Madrid, a new Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) mobile service station, located at street Narciso Monturiol 28 of Rompecubas Industrial Estate, a few meters from the A-4, also known as the South Highway, one of the six radial highways in Spain and the main communication route between the center and the south of the Iberian Peninsula.

Valdemoro’s new LNG mobile gas station has a 60m3 tank, with a Liquefied Natural Gas dispenser, which allows HAM’s customers to refuel quickly and safely, with a performance equal to that of our fixed stations. Customers can access the service station throughout the year with schedule 24/7 and make payments with any debit / credit card or with the HAM card for professionals, exclusively for freelancers and companies, HAM stressed in a press statement.

With the opening of this new mobile service station, HAM Group offers clients a wide network of gas stations, made up of more than 80 service stations, which are distributed along the main national and European routes, allowing access to liquefied natural gas and compressed natural gas, alternative, sustainable and environmentally friendly fuels, since polluting emissions of CO2, nitrous oxides and fine particles are reduced compared to other traditional fuels, allowing better air quality. In addition, the use of CNG-LNG allows significant savings of 30-50% compared to other more polluting fuels.