In the first quarter of this year, Turkey became the second largest recipient of Russian gas, Gazprom reported.

The Turks have overtaken the Italians and are now second only to Germany – the undisputed leaders in terms of gas volume received from Russia.

In the period from January to March this year, Gazprom delivered 7.762 bcm of “blue fuel” to Turkey, up by over 100% compared to 2020. In the same period, deliveries to Italy amounted to 4.613 bcm (+13.4% y/y), and to Germany – 15.541 bcm (+33.3% y/y).

Although Turkey is one of the most important markets for the Russians, the last few years have certainly not been a success. Gazprom’s bad run in the Bosporus has been going on for some time. This is perfectly illustrated by the figures: in 2017 Turkey purchased 29 bcm of Russian gas, in 2018 – 24 bcm, and in 2019 – only 15.5 bcm. There was a slight recovery in 2020 as Turks took deliveries of 16.399 bcm of gas (+5.7%).

As for Gazprom’s total gas exports to European countries, the company’s official figures show that these rose by 28.3% in the first quarter – to 51.374 bcm.

By Martin Chomsky (photo: TurkStream)