By Annie Cook

“Gas transit through Ukraine in the first half of January was the lowest in the last four years,” the country’s transmission system operator said.

The average daily volume of gas flowing through the Ukrainian system was “only” 52 million cubic metres in the first days of January. This is the worst result for this period in the last four years.

Head of GTS Ukraine Serhiy Makogon noted that in the first 16 days of 2019 it was – 250 million m3, in 2020 – 83.4 million m3, in 2021 – 124.6 million m3, and in the current year – 52.4 million m3.

“This speaks for itself – Gazprom is not interested in helping EU countries during the crisis,” Makogon added. In his opinion, the Russians are mounting pressure to force the opening of Nord Stream 2.

The manager also reported that despite the extremely difficult market situation, the Russians did not decide to book additional capacity for February – although they could do so. In 2021, natural gas transit from Russia through Ukraine totalled 41.7 bcm.