LUKOIL Global Energy Outlook 2050

Photo: LUKOIL.

Source: LUKOIL press release

Leonid Fedun, Vice President for Strategic Development of PJSC LUKOIL, presented the outlook for the development of global energy to 2050 on Friday in Moscow.

The report analyses possible greenhouse gas emission tracks in three scenarios of various approaches to climate regulations. It evaluates attainability of the goals to keep global warming below 2 and 1.5 oС by 2100. The scenarios also take into account the commitments of states and energy companies to reduce emissions that are already in place as a result of the COP26 conference.

LUKOIL also reviewed prospects of electric vehicles market and its impact on liquid hydrocarbons demand, as well as the necessity to launch new oil and gas production projects in the face of decreasing investments. The research covered not only traditional energy sources, but also possible development of green energy, hydrogen and biofuels.

Separately, the amount of investments needed by new energy technologies was estimated.

The report also analyses potential of Russian energy sector to reduce emissions by increasing energy efficiency, introducing new technologies, and implementing forest management projects.

LUKOIL publishes such outlooks on a regular basis and carefully considers the outlined trends and forecasts to develop business strategy.

​The e-version of the document is available via link.