“Germany needs reliable gas supplies from Russia in the future and supports the commissioning of Nord Stream 2 as soon as possible,” said Michael Kretschmer, minister-president of Saxony and Bundestag member at a Russian-German conference on Thursday.

“We Germans obviously need a reliable gas supply from Russia. Russia covers 40 percent of the European Union’s gas demand, so we would like to commission the completed Nord Stream 2 as soon as possible,” Kretschmer stated.

“Germany is also willing to work closely with Moscow on the use of hydrogen to supply Europe with energy,” Kretschmer said, adding that he hoped to hold direct meetings with Russian representatives in Saxony after the pandemic.

German officials have repeatedly stressed the need to complete Nord Stream 2.

Berlin believes that the project is necessary for the economy and commercially significant. Nevertheless, the government is paying attention to one political aspect, insisting that Ukraine will retain its role as a transit zone once the pipeline is operational.

Germany is now moving away from coal and nuclear power. The country needs more gas to safely switch to RES for industry.

Environmentalists, like the Greens, have repeatedly criticised Nord Stream 2

By Martin Chomsky (photo: Michael Kretschmer/Twitter)