Photo: TASS.

Source: Information Directorate, Gazprom

Over the first nine months of 2021, amid the growing demand and declining indigenous production of natural gas, Europe’s gas imports increased by 18 billion cubic meters (or by 7.5 per cent) against the same period of 2020.

Pipeline gas has been key to meeting the increased demand. Over these nine months, Europe boosted its imports by 31 billion cubic meters (or by 20.4 per cent), with about half of this volume (or 48 per cent) supplied by Gazprom.

At the same time, imports of liquefied natural gas went down by 13 billion cubic meters (or by 14.5 per cent).

It should be noted that Gazprom’s share in Europe’s total imports of pipeline and liquefied natural gas during these nine months exceeded 53 per cent.