Photo: Novatek Green Energy.

By Annie Cook / Novatek Green Energy

Novatek Green Energy, a subsidiary of Novatek PAO, already has 10 LNG filling stations in Germany, representing approximately 15 percent of the local market. They are located in strategic places so that truck drivers travelling in all directions across Europe can find convenient filling facilities along their route. There are more Novatek LNG filling stations currently are under construction and to be put into service soon.

The Novatek LNG station network is an important part of the LNG filling infrastructure in Germany. Drivers can stock up on Novatek LNG in the following cities: Rostock, Potsdam, Buchholz, Lübbenau, Elsterheide, Neumünster, Dessau, Knüllwald, Rheda-Wiedenbrück and Vogelsdorf.

LNG filling infrastructure in Germany is particularly important due to its geographical location and the intersection of major European long-distance transport routes. The growth of this market is supported by the convenience of exempting LNG-powered trucks from road tolls until the end of 2023.

Novatek stations are very popular with road-carrier companies. The facilities can handle up to 150 vehicles each day, with an average filling time of around 10 minutes and a tank that can hold up to 400 kg of LNG. The Novatek station in Buchholz is the most popular due to its unique location on the A7 motorway, at the junction of routes leading from the coastal ports to the south of the country.

The strategic location and the possibility of paying by fleet and credit cards are not the only conveniences available at Novatek stations operated by BarMalGas GmbH. The company provides its customers with round-the-clock technical assistance, including the so-called emergency LNG filling service in a situation when a vehicle cannot reach the station on its own, e.g. because it has run out of fuel on the motorway or is at a service station.

On the European TSL market, a clear trend is visible in which existing fleets are being replaced with LNG-powered vehicles. This is particularly true for forwarding companies, which have had a lot of positive experience with this type of solution and appreciate not only the comfort of driving, but above all the great savings. Forwarders who own at least 30 such vehicles can take advantage of the option to install Novatek LNG filling stations on their premises and at the same time provide services to other entities. Of the 10 publicly available Novatek LNG stations, as many as 4 are located on the premises of transport bases. Such a facility has been operating since December 2019 in Rostock on the premises of Spedition Heinrich Gustke GmbH, where more than 50 of the 130 vehicles are powered by LNG. The station is also the first carbon-neutral Novatek LNG filling station in Europe.

“In line with our strategy, as an LNG producer and supplier, we are committed to developing the filling infrastructure that is being built in Germany and Poland. Our intensive activities in this area are a response to the huge market demand,” said Dariusz Bratoń, CEO of Novatek Green Energy.

Liquefied natural gas is a clean and economical propellant that is currently setting trends in the global transport market, because although high hopes are placed on hydrogen and electricity, these solutions are only in the initial phase of development, which cannot be said about LNG.