Photo: Novatek

Novatek is continuing to increase its network of LNG filling stations for trucks in Russia and Europe to meet growing demand in the road transport sector.

During 2021, Novatek Green Energy, a unit of the independent LNG producer, opened 10 new fueling stations in Europe that increased the company’s retail network to 16, of which 12 are in Germany and 4 are in Poland.

“We plan to expand our retail network to more than 40 retail LNG fueling stations in Europe,” Novatek’s head of investor relations Alexander Nazarov said on Friday during a conference call discussing the company’s quarterly and 2021 results.

Nazarov said total sales via Novatek’s LNG fueling network had already exceeded 3 thousand tons per month, and for the full 2021 the company’s total sales rose by more than 4 times and reached more than 31 thousand tons.

In addition, Novatek’s network of regasification stations also increased as the firm added 26 more stations in the reporting year for the total number in Europe of 48.

In 2021, Novatek’s LNG fueling retail network in Russia expanded to 13 stations.

“We plan to open 3 more during this year,” Nazarov said.

“Our LNG sales via domestic retail network has grown to almost 22 thousand tons, which is more than 8 times the previous year’s volume,” he said.


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