The US Department of Defense has banned US troops stationed in Europe from buying Russian any energy resources, effective as of now.

The ban comes into force on Monday – 30 August. After that, US troops based in Europe will not be able to enter into contracts for the purchase of energy resources supplied from the Russian Federation, writes Deutsche Welle citing a letter from the Pentagon.

The decision was taken in order to “ensure energy security in Europe”. This applies to all types of energy resources – natural gas and LNG, oil, petroleum products, electricity. Where can Americans obtain fuel? There are plenty of suppliers. The second largest gas exporter to the EU after Russia is Norway; LNG is also exported by Qatar, Algeria, Nigeria and the USA. Oil is supplied by OPEC countries, mainly Saudi Arabia, although Russia is the largest exporter to the EU market.

On 20 August Washington announced new sanctions in connection with the construction of Nord Stream 2 against the ships Ostap Sheremet and Ivan Sidorenko, as well as the St Petersburg company Nobility and the insurance company Constanta.

On 25 August, the Düsseldorf District Court ruled that the Nord Stream 2 pipeline was not exempt from the European Union Gas Directive. EU regulations require that companies producing, transporting and distributing gas in the European Union must be different. This is to ensure fair competition in the market. Thus, the Russian gas pipeline will only be available to Gazprom at half its capacity.

The Russians regarded the ruling as “discrimination” and stopped selling gas on their electronic platform within an hour of the announcement. This raised the price of gas on the spot to record highs. Following the verdict, Ukraine offered its services to manage the Nord Stream 2 pipeline as an independent operator.

By Annie Cook (photo: