By Martin Chomksy

PGNiG estimates that in 2022 its own gas production on the Norwegian Continental Shelf will amount to about 2.6 bcm, PGNiG vice-chairman for operations Robert Perkowski told at a conference on Thursday.

In his words, starting from 1 October 2022, when the so-called gas year begins, till 2022, the company’s own output should amount to 600 million cubic metres. 1 October 2022 is also the planned starting date for the transmission of Norwegian gas to Poland through the Baltic Pipe system.

According to data for the three quarters of 2021, production from PGNiG’s own fields on the Norwegian Continental Shelf amounted to 0.65 bcm, up from 0.32 bcm in the same period last year.

PGNiG Upstream Norway is a shareholder in 58 concessions on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. The company estimates that this year its production volume is expected to be slightly above 0.9 bcm. They owe this result – other than new acquisitions –new fields and additional wells.