Photo: Freepik.

Source: PGNiG press release

PGNiG Supply & Trading in cooperation with the American-Ukrainian ERU Group won a tender for natural gas supplies to Republic of Moldova. This will be the first ever gas supply to that country from a non-Russian source.

PGNiG Supply & Trading (PST) in cooperation with ERU Group will deliver one million cubic meters of natural gas to Moldova on Tuesday, October 26. This is the result of a tender for a single supply of gas fuel announced by state-owned Energocom. The tender was organized on an urgent basis due to reduction in gas supplies to Moldova by Gazprom.

“The PGNiG Group is deeply committed to the principle of energy solidarity, which we perceive as a prerequisite for the proper functioning of the gas market in the European Union and the neighbouring countries. Guided by this principle we decided to participate in the tender whose aim was to urgently supply gas to Moldova which experienced problems with deliveries from Russia,” said Paweł Majewski, President of the Management Board of PGNiG SA, the company which owns PST.

The gas will be delivered through an entry point on the Moldovan-Ukrainian border. PST will cooperate with the ERU Group, which is PGNiG’s leading partner in Ukraine.

“We believe that the current difficulties will encourage Moldova to diversify its sources of gas supply and further integrate with the EU and implement the EU gas regulations,” noted Yaroslav Mudryy, Managing Partner at ERU Group.

As a result of reduced gas supplies, the Moldovan government declared a state of emergency on October 22. According to the Moldovan authorities, the volume of gas transmitted to the country was not only insufficient to cover the demand, but also carried the risk of serious disruptions to the operation of the transmission system due to insufficient pressure in the gas pipelines.