Photo: media.

Source: Gaz-System press release

Poland’s company Gaz-System has completed technical acceptance of 41 km of the Niechorze-Płoty gas pipeline, i.e. the main part of the section connecting the offshore gas pipeline to the national transmission system. The decision allowing its operation was issued by the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT).

– The construction of Baltic Pipe, the key project that will ensure the diversification of gas supply sources for Poland, is now nearing completion. Onshore pipelines and facilities in Poland are currently being tested and accepted. We would like to thank all the external entities and their employees involved in this process. Owing to good cooperation, the project will be handed over on time, i.e. by 1 October  2022 – said Tomasz Stępień, President of Gaz-System.

– UDT has been involved in Baltic Pipe project, which is crucial for Poland’s energy independence, since the very beginning and has been supporting it at every stage. The decisions we have issued permit the operation of the linear sections of the gas pipeline and confirm their technical safety – said Andrzej Ziółkowski, President of UDT and added: – These actions aim to ensure energy security and define the purpose of UDT’s activities in the area of public safety.

The accepted pipeline crosses 5 communes in the West Pomeranian Province: Rewal, Trzebiatów, Karnice, Gryfice and Płoty. The technical acceptance was carried out according to schedule after obtaining positive results of pressure testing and geometric pigging. A total of 10 leak and strength tests were conducted.

The next stage of this project is gas-in and commissioning. Work on the construction of the Receiving Terminal in Konarzewo and the tie-in with the subsea gas pipeline is ongoing in parallel.

In June, technical acceptance of the onshore Goleniow-Lwówek section of Baltic Pipe was carried out in Poland. Stage I of Odolanów Compressor Station expansion (2 compressor units with accompanying infrastructure and structural facilities) has also been accepted.