By Annie Cook

Serbian President Alaksandar Vuczić said on Thursday – after talks with Russian leader – Vladimir Putin that both countries have agreed on the price of gas for Serbia, which will be $270 per 1,000 cubic metres for the next six months.

“Serbia will receive gas at $270 per 1,000 cubic metres for the next six months,” Vuczić. He assessed that this is a very good price. In the meeting with Vuczić in Sochi, Putin promised regarding the gas price that Russia “will find a solution that will be acceptable to our Serbian friends.”

The current gas contract between Russia and Serbia expires at the end of the year. The current price under the expiring contract is the same – 270 dollars per 1 thousand cubic meters. The first proposal of the new contract envisaged, as Vuczić said, that the price would rise to 789-790 USD. The Serbian president stated that this price was too high for his country.

The two politicians also discussed military cooperation on Thursday, with Putin emphasising that it is expanding.

“We regularly hold joint training, expand cooperation between the military commands, defence ministries and general staffs,” he said.

Serbian military officers study at Russian universities. Russia and Serbia are also linked by contracts to supply Russian equipment to Belgrade.