Photo: AA Photo

By Martin Chomsky

One of Europe’s largest gas importers, Turkey will launch its own production from recently discovered fields under the Black Sea bed. This will reduce imports by half, mainly from Russia.

Achieving maximum natural gas production by 2027 from the recently discovered Sakarya field in the Black Sea will allow Turkey to meet up to a third of its energy needs. Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Fatih Donmez said – in an interview with Bloomberg agency published on Monday – that Turkey will reach maximum gas production from the recently discovered field by 2027. This will allow Turkey to meet up to a third of its domestic energy needs.

According to the minister, Turkey will be able to start developing the field in 2023 at a capacity of 3.5 bcm of gas, with annual production increasing to 15 bcm over the next four years. Turkish company Turkiye Petrolleri plans to drill 40 wells in the Sakarya field on the Black Sea shelf. The explored reserves are estimated to contain 540 bcm of raw material. Turkey’s annual demand for natural gas is about 47 bcm. Donmez stressed that Turkey intends to carry out the extraction independently, without involving foreign companies. The minister also said that Turkey’s natural gas demand is expected to increase by a quarter this year – to 60 bcm.