Ukraine has imported 162 million cubic meters of natural gas since the beginning of February 2022, Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine (GTSOU) CEO Sergiy Makogon has posted on Facebook.

“A total of 162 million cubic meters have been imported since the beginning of February, and 218 [million] cubic meters since the beginning of the year. Gas exports/re-exports total 2-2.5 million cubic meters per day,” Makogon wrote.

According to him, Ukraine’s gas imports have grown since the beginning of February – currently, the daily volume amounts to 13.5-14 million cubic meters. At the same time, most of gas imports come from Hungary – an average of 5.5 million cubic meters per day. Gas imports from Slovakia total about 5 million cubic meters per day. Other gas imports come to Ukraine via virtual reverse flows from Poland.

“Due to unusually warm weather and high gas prices, which led to a reduction in gas consumption by industrial consumers, gas consumption in Ukraine decreased significantly. Last year, on February 11, daily consumption totaled almost 152 million cubic meters, this year – 106 million cubic meters,” Makogon added.

As reported, in January 2022 compared to January 2021, Ukraine’s gas imports decreased by 90% to 44.8 million cubic meters. Ukraine’s gas imports amounted to 2.6 billion cubic meters in 2021, which is six times less than in 2020.