Ukraine will buy LNG in Croatia

Photo: LNG Crotia

By Martin Chomsky

From the Croatian island of Krk, via Hungary to the Ukrainian border – liquefied gas from the Croatian terminal will reach Ukraine by that route.

The Ukrainian gas pipeline operator said that it is working to create a supply route for liquefied natural gas from Croatia. Kiev stresses that Croatia is one of Ukraine’s priority partners in terms of diversification of natural gas supply sources.

On 1 January 2021, a floating LNG terminal with a capacity of 2.6 bcm/year was put into service on the Croatian island of Krk. This opened up Croatia’s access to the global market for liquefied gas.

“The possibility of natural gas supply from this direction is conditioned by the creation of guaranteed natural gas transport capacity in the direction from Hungary to Ukraine, which OGTSU and Ukrainian diplomats are actively working on,” the statement reads.

The integration of the Croatian and Ukrainian natural gas markets will not only allow transporting natural gas from Croatia to Ukraine for domestic needs, but also provide the possibility of storing Croatian gas in Ukrainian underground gas storage facilities, which will boost energy security in the region.

In November 2021, the volume of natural gas transported from the European Union to Ukraine was 11.6 million cubic metres, while exports, including re-exports of gas from Ukraine to European countries – 579 million cubic metres.

Since Gazprom stopped gas transit towards Hungary on 1 October, gas imports from the Union to Ukraine have been reoriented to other directions – from Poland and Slovakia. Ukraine is looking at importing gas from Romania.