President of Ukraine

The Nord Stream 2 issue is an energy war. As in any war, you cannot fight if there is no unity, and someone is bound to lose. If this gas pipeline is built, it is not only Ukraine that will lose. We must remember: this is not a question of business or just relations between the EU and Russia. It is a question of war, said the Ukrainian president in an interview with the French Le Figaro.

According to Zelenski, there are two factors that can stop the construction of Nord Stream 2: US sanctions and European unity. “I welcome the US sanctions policy. As for Europe’s position, we know that individual countries have different positions, and Russia takes advantage of that,” said Zelenski. “Nord Stream 2 is a tool of hybrid warfare used by Russia”, he added.

Ukraine actively opposes the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. This project has been levelled against our country from the beginning in its role as a transit of Russian gas to the West.

By Martin Chomsky (photo: