Chairman of Russia’s Gazprom Supervisory Board Viktor Zubkov. Photo: Gazprom /

Chairman of Russia’s Gazprom Supervisory Board Viktor Zubkov stated with confidence that the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline would be completed this year. He stressed that “there is rather little left to do” before the project is finalized.

“Work is actively progressing, there is rather little left to do. I think it about 90-92 percent ready” – Zubkov told Russian media in Berlin.

Gazprom had already reported a readiness level of more than 90 per cent for the project, but specified this time it was 94 per cent.

There remains to be laid a section of the pipeline in Denmark’s exclusive economic zone in the Baltic Sea. The Danish authorities announced that work to lay Line A of the pipeline in this zone would start at the end of March. Work on Line 2 is already underway.

Nord Stream 2 consists of two pipelines, each approximately 1,230 km long, to transport 55 billion cubic metres (bcm) of natural gas annually from Russia to Germany across the Baltic Sea bed.

The construction of the Russian-German gas pipeline is strongly opposed by Poland, Ukraine and the Baltic States, as well as by the US, which has imposed sanctions on those involved in the project. Critics of Nord Stream 2 point out that the project would increase Europe’s dependence on Russian gas and extend the Kremlin’s sway over European politics. Germany, Austria and several other EU countries support the project.

By Martin Chomsky (photo: Gazprom)