Tatneft LNG filling stations / gasnews.eu

The Russian company Tatneft is launching a new project related to the use of liquefied natural gas as a fuel in automotive transport. The company will build a network of refuelling stations for LNG vehicles, hoping that demand for LNG refuelling will be generated by the recent business activities of the Kamaz automobile company.

The existing infrastructure of Tatneft’s petrol stations, especially those located on the federal highways M-5, M-7 and M-10, is to be used for this purpose.

The plan is to initially build three LNG filling stations along these roads. These are to be placed in service later this year. In turn, 11 more stations will open in 2022.

Tatneft’s venture may turn out to be well calculated, as Russia’s Kamaz has already started producing LNG trucks. In turn, the company wants to launch a series of new-generation LNG-powered trucks in the near future.

Besides, Tatneft hopes that there will be an increasing demand for LNG truck refuelling in Russia. Studies carried out by the company show that more and more such vehicles are being driven on Russian roads.

Tatneft also has other plans for low-carbon transport. The company plans to create a network of electric car charging points at its stations, as well as a CNG distribution network.

By Martin Chomsku (photo: Tatnef)