Source: Uniper

Uniper prress release

Uniper and the Dutch energy supplier Eneco have signed a district heating supply agreement for a 12 year period. Uniper will continue supplying Eneco’s district heating network in The Hague with district heating generated by the gas-and-steam combined cycle power plant De Constant Rebequeplein. However, simultaneously, the companies are now joining forces to increase sustainability of the district heating supply to the power plant in the coming years. The goal is to reach CO2 neutrality by 2035.

The Uniper power plant at De Constant Rebequeplein has already been producing electricity for The Hague region for decades and continues utilizing the residual heat released in the process. Eneco uses this renewable heat to supply district heating to roughly 38,000 regional households. With this new contract, the two companies are securing the district heating supply, while at the same time gradually gearing The Hague’s district heating network towards greater sustainability.

What is more, the De Constant Rebequeplein site can act as an energy hub, where both tried-and-tested and novel technologies come together. Examples include heat from the WarmteLinQ pipeline and geothermal energy. This can also help increase the growth potential of the demand for district heating for The Hague and the region.

CO2 neutrality
Independently from one another, Uniper and Eneco had both previously announced their intention to become CO2 neutral by 2035. This endeavor also unites the parties. In a memorandum of understanding, both companies clearly asserted their commitment to cooperating for greater sustainability in providing district heating. To achieve this goal, both companies are looking at their options for using more sustainable means of production. The alternatives that are being looked into include hydrogen, biogas and geothermal energy.

Securing the district heating supply
In addition to the gradually-increased use of more sustainable resources, utilizing the Uniper power plant remains essential for securing supply for the time being, since sustainable sources are generally characterized by long on and off times with the current cutting edge technology. At peak times, such as between 7 and 9 a.m., demand is often so high that more district heating has to be made available rapidly. However, thanks to the facilities’ flexibility at the municipal power plant and Uniper’s dispatching expertise, this type of peak period can be handled.

“We are very pleased that together with our partner Eneco, we have developed a long-term solution that ensures security of supply for the citizens of The Hague, and at the same time provides a clear basis to reach our strategic target of carbon neutrality, latest by 2035”, says Niek den Hollander, Chief Commercial Officer of Uniper.

The long-term partnership now entered into provides an impetus for the availability of electricity and district heating in The Hague, while simultaneously forming the basis for increasing sustainability. Thus, in The Hague region, we are working on increasing the district heating supply’s sustainability, while concurrently ensuring a secure district heating supply.